Canada Goose Jacket – The Leader Among Winter Clothing

For more than half a century, the company Canada Goose sells high-quality stuff for hanging in extreme frosty conditions. The story began quite simple: in 1957 the entrepreneur Sam Tick created Metro Sportswear firm, where knit shirt and warm jackets were made.
The spreading of brand name happened two decades after, thanks to his adopted son David Reyes. He campaigned to use down and expand the range of products. Since that time, the brand was developed in the form we know it today. The new name was given in 2000, but the quality of everything still pleases its regular customers.

Canada Goose Jackets
Canada Goose is a company known for the fact, that for almost 60 years they produce high-quality outdoor clothing. In the catalogs of the brand models for buyers of any age and gender can be found. Canada Goose successfully combines innovation and tradition respect. All production since the moment of the company’s founding is in Canada at the moment. The highest quality warm jackets, pants and other clothing are created by people who know what a harsh climate is not by hearsay. The company continually improves, trying to offer its customers the most advanced technologies.
The Canada Goose company is known for its uses in creating models of natural fluff and fur. The reason is simple: these materials better than others perform the most important function for clothing designed for use in extreme conditions. This function – to protect from the cold and bad weather. Duck and goose down and coyote fur cope perfectly well with this task. It should be noted that the materials are obtained only with humane methods.

Canada Goose Jackets
Canada Goose brand is chosen by famous athletes, conquerors of mountain peaks, strong-willed people who are not afraid of difficulties. In the rich product catalog, everyone can choose the option according to their taste and needs.
Assortment Today, designers offer their customers parks for men, quilted jackets for women, jackets for children and fur hats, which are protecting in the sub-zero temperatures reliably. The fluff of a snow goose with an index of density Power 625 is used as a filler. In addition, the brand has its own range of reliability and protection, which consists of five divisions. For example, you can walk in the jacket of the fourth level in Alaska, as if you were walking in the city center, without feeling cold.

Canada Goose Jackets
The rim of the used fur of a coyote or a scribe is used as decoration. The production of this company is primarily focused on functionality, but it does not mean that they are homely or plain. On the contrary, it may be noted with designers motto: “All ingenious is simple”. A wide range of color palettes, noble style and no unnecessary details will be appreciated by the true connoisseurs.
Popularity A lot of winter jackets of famous brands are represented in the market, but widely recognized Canada Goose jackets are considered to be the best. The Canada Goose brand is known among its customers for over fifty years, and during all that time the jackets of this company hold a leading position in terms of quality reliability and durability. Numerous well-known actors, athletes and even presidents have become the fans of this legendary brand. Such famous people as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin and Daniel Craig are great admirers of Canada Goose jackets.