The Canada goose jacket is the best jackets used around the world, in Europe, America, Australia and other parts. It is used especially during winter. The jacket is made in Canada with a trendy winter coat manufacturer CANADA GOOSE. It’s the most recognizable brands when it comes to winter jacket, coats and parka.


The jacket is exceptionally well made, comes in all sizes and some are well fitting. The jacket has a hat on the collar that can always be put back when removed and some are adjustable to ease up too much heat. It has a double zipper well made that when you put on the jacket it grasps you to bring warmth on you. The jacket is water resistant, this means that you do not have to worry if you are out there in the rain or snow fall. it has been designed or manufactured to be used both during the cold seasons and winter/snow fall seasons. The jackets differ depending in the season.
The jacket stops the wind completely. it is worth every penny. When it is over 20 degrees, I can get away with using this jacket unzipped. I wore this jacket during some of those 15 degree days we previously had sometimes back. When I zipped the jacket up and walked outside, I could not feel any temperature change in my torso or arms. The upper part features a storage and a hand warming option which is really an iconic detail of the jacket. The jacket weighs half a tone. It is made up of a wool inside which captures the warmth of the body making it settle the warmth around you body. The jacket both the men’s and women’s collection looks amazing. Canada goose is fashionable if you are looking for a fashionable winter coat.


The jacket is more fitting for the women especially around the hips which gives it more shape on the body. It also has slash buttons which are well place to cover the zipper. It has the sleeve side chest pocket and a layer inside of negative fourty degrees. but there are others of negative twenty, or plus twenty five degrees. There are different types of Canada goose jackets; the Iangford parka, chateau parka, citadel parka, chatham parka, the hybridge Iighthooded jacket, expedition down parka and many more and all come with different sizes and color and prices. CANADA GOOSE JACKET, is the best quality jacket you need.