The Incomparable Canada Goose

The Canada Goose jacket is a well-known brand in North America designing high quality winter jackets. Designed in Canada and made in Canada it will definitely keep the cold at bay during winter. The Canada Goose Jacket provides an urban and modern appearance while at the same time providing warmth, weather resistance, comfort, cutting edge features, great comfort and impressive durability.
Taking a quick overview of the jacket, features include: Arctic Tech Polyester I Cotton Blend Fabric with DWR finish, insulated sleeves, slim fit that provides a snug feel, heavy duty main zipper, recessed heavy duty rib knit cuffs to prevent snow and wind blowing up your arms and of course the iconic 100% Coyote fur ruff hood that keeps the heat in while also keeping the wind from your face. The Canadian Goose Jacket also features the Canada Goose authenticity tag as well as the material tag stitched on the inside. One other interesting feature is the snow skirt that wraps around the waist inside the coat trapping some warmth while preventing snow from getting into your pants.

Durability-wise, the Canada Goose Jacket is exceptionally well made, the stitching (sewn-through under an outer shell fabric) is very well secured and overall the jacket is very well suited to handle the harsh weather conditions in which it is worn. It is also well equipped to handle outdoor activities such as rock climbing an additional attractive feature that allows for this is the Canada Goose Jacket’s relatively light weight ( about 2336gi’82oz).
Furthermore the Canada Goose Jacket comes in Parkas, Lightweights, and Shells with their respective accessories for both men and women ensuring that everyone has a wide array of choices. Having a wide range of available cuts, colors and sizes to choose from makes the deal even sweeter for the consumer.

With regards to the pricing, the Canada Goose Jacket will set you back on average about 800 dollars to 1000 dollars. Some might argue that this figure is a bit too steep but in my personal opinion, you will definitely get value for your money especially considering the advanced features, accessories and the expected life of this modern, highly functional and sleek product.
My two cents worth is that this is a fabulous brand, I only advise you to purchase it if you’re in a country with difficult winters. It may seem a bit on the high side in terms of the monies you will have to part with, but I assure you you’re getting the best in terms of insulation, design and quality of the down.



Canada Goose Jackets Sale for Christmas

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Shelburne Parka ( $1005 → $269 )


Trillium Parka ( $885→$300)


Expedition Parka ( $922 → $279)