I became crazy when I bought Canada Goose Jacket

One of the best jackets I have ever put on is this jacket. Before I used a lot of kind of Jacket but all I wore and felt like it was not worming me and also not stylish. But when I tried this Canada Goose jacket once I decided that I will put on every season.

When I first time wore It was nice experience it helps me to become warmer for whole day and it is very light. I never felt that I wore anything heavy cloth on my body. I like it very much because it is made with elasticized nylon snow skirt, and inner side pure wool. It has multi pocket, it has long zip, to fight high wind condition It has coyote fur ruff surrounding and adjustable tunnel hood. It has a lot of extra features which I did not get any other jacket. In my opinion this is the best product to wear in winter. It is very warm and flexible.


Canada Goose in really nice jacket when I started using this jacket I forgot all jacket name frankly. According to my experience no jacket can be better that that of Canada goose. First time I did not want to buy this Canada goose Jacket… but one of my best friend suggested my to buy this once and I listened to him and I got a really good result . I forgot what is cough after that because It makes me always warm that is why there is no chance to become weak or unhealthy.

One thing I like most about this jacket It is not expensive. It is under all common people budget. I being an ordinary boy I can feel that difference. I saw many Jackets but with this budget all are very low quality, only Canada Goose is best quality jacket. When I bought this jacket, seeing me wearing this Canada Goose jacket all my friends also bought this because they saw that it is not only warm you but also stylish. And my all friends are also very happy with this jacket. In my personal experience, I used this jacket that is why I can easily say that this is amazing, very nice jacket it is. And I also determined in every season l will buy this Canada goose jacket. last thing there is also pros and cons in this jacket..


Pros 3 first thing is very durable exterior, highly windproof. there is also duckdown in this coat. The hood really protects full face and keeps it warm.

Cons 3 Bulky, it looks like very huge, it very warm it is very difficult to wear every time unless it is too cold..fur ruff not removable. Last time I will say if you are going in very cold condition like me then you must have this canada goose jacket…

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Canada Goose Jackets Sale for Christmas

It’s Christmas! See what we’ve bring you on this holiday season. You can’t missed them this time.






Shelburne Parka ( $1005 → $269 )


Trillium Parka ( $885→$300)


Expedition Parka ( $922 → $279)


Form, Function and Fashion in One Garment

The main problem I personally have with warm winter jackets, is that they often make me feel unfeminine. This might just be me, being a bit vain, but to me it’s important to feel good about the way I look.
Another problem with keeping warm outdoors is the feeling that you can’t move your arms, feeling a bit like a scarecrow . This is a problem both men and woman face. Last winter, I went out and bought myself the Trillium Parka from Canada Goose. I fell in love with the luscious ruby color and when I put it on for the first time, I was nothing short of amazed.

This Canada Goose jacket fit me like a second skin. I could pull in the waist giving me form and femininity and the movement was fantastic. I had no problem giving my kids a bear hug after their first sled of the season. So of course my husband had to get himself one.
He had a tough time deciding between the rugged overstuffed Carson parka, and the stylish Chateau Parka, with enough timeless style to wear to his site visits at work. Besides the parka, he also came home with the freestyle vest. keeping your chest warm, while giving you the freedom to use your arms when aiming at a deer or casting a line in a lake.
Canada Goose jackets also have an extensive range of kid’s jackets. From buntings and snow suits to keep your tiny explorer warm, to jackets for teens that will keep them warm, while looking cool. Canada Goose Jackets are ideal for sledding with friends, or skiing with the family.

As with most things in life, you only discover the true value of something once you’ve been through a challenge with it. That was certainly the case with my Canada Goose Jacket. We got invited to spend the holidays up in the mountains with some friends, and the temperatures plummeted. My Canada Goose Jacket became my best friend in that time and despite the blistering winds and cold temperatures, my family was able to enjoy an adventurous holiday.
With Arctic tech technology, all Canada Goose Jackets are warm, dry quickly, resists wind and will keep you dry. It became evident that attention to detail is a given to each one of their superb garments. Canada Goose Jackets are designed to meet the needs of every adventure seeker.
When the spring came and I was putting away the family’s winter clothes, I discovered that our Canada Goose Jackets still looked brand new. After all the punishment we put them through, we can wear them with confidence come next winter. These garment really impressed me.
Whether you are looking for something lightweight and urban, something heavy duty for hunting or fishing, or something form fitting and fashionable for the winter, you will find it in one of their stores, or on their user friendly website. They offer free shipping and returns , which just adds to a wonderful Canada Goose experience.

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Canada Goose Jacket – The Leader Among Winter Clothing

For more than half a century, the company Canada Goose sells high-quality stuff for hanging in extreme frosty conditions. The story began quite simple: in 1957 the entrepreneur Sam Tick created Metro Sportswear firm, where knit shirt and warm jackets were made.
The spreading of brand name happened two decades after, thanks to his adopted son David Reyes. He campaigned to use down and expand the range of products. Since that time, the brand was developed in the form we know it today. The new name was given in 2000, but the quality of everything still pleases its regular customers.

Canada Goose Jackets
Canada Goose is a company known for the fact, that for almost 60 years they produce high-quality outdoor clothing. In the catalogs of the brand models for buyers of any age and gender can be found. Canada Goose successfully combines innovation and tradition respect. All production since the moment of the company’s founding is in Canada at the moment. The highest quality warm jackets, pants and other clothing are created by people who know what a harsh climate is not by hearsay. The company continually improves, trying to offer its customers the most advanced technologies.
The Canada Goose company is known for its uses in creating models of natural fluff and fur. The reason is simple: these materials better than others perform the most important function for clothing designed for use in extreme conditions. This function – to protect from the cold and bad weather. Duck and goose down and coyote fur cope perfectly well with this task. It should be noted that the materials are obtained only with humane methods.

Canada Goose Jackets
Canada Goose brand is chosen by famous athletes, conquerors of mountain peaks, strong-willed people who are not afraid of difficulties. In the rich product catalog, everyone can choose the option according to their taste and needs.
Assortment Today, designers offer their customers parks for men, quilted jackets for women, jackets for children and fur hats, which are protecting in the sub-zero temperatures reliably. The fluff of a snow goose with an index of density Power 625 is used as a filler. In addition, the brand has its own range of reliability and protection, which consists of five divisions. For example, you can walk in the jacket of the fourth level in Alaska, as if you were walking in the city center, without feeling cold.

Canada Goose Jackets
The rim of the used fur of a coyote or a scribe is used as decoration. The production of this company is primarily focused on functionality, but it does not mean that they are homely or plain. On the contrary, it may be noted with designers motto: “All ingenious is simple”. A wide range of color palettes, noble style and no unnecessary details will be appreciated by the true connoisseurs.
Popularity A lot of winter jackets of famous brands are represented in the market, but widely recognized Canada Goose jackets are considered to be the best. The Canada Goose brand is known among its customers for over fifty years, and during all that time the jackets of this company hold a leading position in terms of quality reliability and durability. Numerous well-known actors, athletes and even presidents have become the fans of this legendary brand. Such famous people as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Nicolas Sarkozy, Vladimir Putin and Daniel Craig are great admirers of Canada Goose jackets.

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Canada Goose Jacket

The Canada goose products have been popular since 1998 in Scandinavia Canada. David Reiss who become president in 2001, and within a decade, the company saw annual revenue grow by almost4000 percent in Europe, United States and Asia. Initially it was called metro sportswear which later becomes Canada goose under David reissue that purchased the company from SAM tick in 1985 therefore metro registered most of its European products under the name Canada goose.
Canada goose produces a variety of jackets, and other clothing such as vests, hats, gloves and other cold weather apparel. Most Of the products in the company are designed for extremely cold weather. They also use duck down for most models, while some Canada goose jackets were made from coyote fur. The Jackets range between $600 to $800 and are sold to retailers while the bestselling of the women coat ranges between $695.

canada goose jacket
Though the company does not offer endorsements, some celebrities and actors such as Hilary duff and Nicholas cage have been seen wearing the jackets. The Goose’s expedition is also worn by research scientists in the United States and in television shows. They were given a go ahead by ban capital’s investment to spend more on marketing. They also sponsored a couple of film festivals. Researchers and workers in remote cold weather regions also wear Canada goose jackets.
In addition to their marketing, they also involve in environmental and social initiatives which led to the creation of a cloth line called public bears international that also included an avatar hat. The Sales were donated to the nonprofit organizations that were devoted to preserving of polar bears through research .Canada goose also offers fabrics and materials free of charge to Canadians. A number of issues arose with fake jackets being sold online using fake websites, they used fur from dogs or cats other than coyotes or duck down. The Counterfeit used feather mulch as insulation which was very ineffective and was scientifically said to cause bacteria and mildew. Counterfeits of products was a major issue that Canada goose faced, to resolve this issue Canada goose had to create a web page that concerns counterfeiting and how it can be reported.

canada goose jacket
To obtain the fur for the jackets, many coyotes had to be trapped, this caused a stir within the animal rights group, in response to this, Canada goose asserted that they maintained a position on the use of animal products saying that it is absolutely necessary. For Functional purposes. Several Canada goose jackets do not include fur they use by products from poultry industry. Five individuals were charged with fraud and felony and were sentenced to serve jail terms after paying the Canada goose damages of approximately 701,000 SEK.

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Canada Goose -High Quality Jacket

Canada Goose jackets are the best innovative extreme cold weather outerwear found from its research facility in the South Pole, New York City, Milan, Tokyo and of course on the streets of Canada. Canada Goose has exponentially grown to become fashionable on ski slopes with skiers, cold weather adventurers, and extreme height mountain climbers, around the world. lt is extremely popular because of the warmth that it provides in cold, chilly, wind driven weather conditions, which is due to this brand’s Hutterite down filling. The Hutterite community is one of the three major Christian Anabaptist sectarian groups that live in a communal existence, very much like the Mennonites and the Amish. Each ounce of down in a Canada Goose jacket is from free range herds of mature Hutterite geese and ducks. When placed inside this fashionable jacket, it creates an interlocking feature of trapped still air, which provides amazing insulation.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose

Yes, there are Canada Goose jacket fills that are placed in the lighter jackets that are worn on city subways and streets and contain 800 fill Hutterite white goose down. The 800 fill is used in the Canada Goose Hybridge series, while 625 fill power duck down is used in the manufacturing of this brands‘ Expedition Parka jackets. Either way, Canada Goose jackets are the global favorite because of their years of quality and design features, that were successfully used in other outerwear brands like L.L. Bean and Timberland. With this type of quality and assurance that you will remain snug and comfortable under harsh, cold conditions, it is no wonder that you pay for what you get.

However, everyone knows that Canada Goose jackets never go on sale. A Canada Goose jacket sale is a misnomer. After all, there is nothing worse than still feeling cold in even a well-made outerwear jacket. Yes, people invest in Canada Goose jackets because no matter what brand style you choose, they are light without that bulky weight. They of course are made of the highest quality materials, like the Hutterite geese, ducks and a removable coyote fur-lined hood. lf you want life long durability, then the Canada Goose jacket is your best buy with great stitching, including the zippers. For your extra dollars in buying a Canada Goose jacket, you receive a lifetime guarantee against defects and workmanship for the lifetime of their products. Also, Canada Goose jackets are easily identifiable as a fashionable outer-wear.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose

lf you are in a retail store or online at a shopping site, or if you are at an outerwear outlet, anywhere, and you find a Canada Goose jacket sale, then there is homework that you must use. On the Canada Goose website, you will see the following authentic things to look for when you see a Canada Goose jacket sale:
a. Arctic Disc Logo: Look for poorly made details in its embroidery, stitching or the shape of the maple leaves. Also look closely at misspelled words for Canada and Arctic.
b. Fur Discrepancies: Look at the coyote ruffs fur on the jacket hood, which is always thick, soft, and luxurious. Counterfeit or a Canada Goose jacket sale will probably look darker than the authentic fur, also it will look scraggly and tangled. Also look at the coyote jacket hood’s seam manufacturing which is easy to tell in its poor stitching.
c. Hologram: A Canada Goose jacket sale or counterfeit jacket will probably not have the Canada Goose hologram sewn into it. This new 2011 hologram, features images and elements that can be seen from different angles.
Another feature that the Canada Goose company is offering people who want an authentic jacket and not necessarily one that is a Canada Goose jacket sale item. The website has provided the ability for people to paste the Canada Goose jacket sale URL product in a window box on their site and they will let you know if that retailer is legitimate.
Genuine Canada Goose jackets are a common outerwear despite its price tag. This haute clothing brand is an investment that will keep for years, as a matter of fact, some designer top quality retailers, will actually feature a financing programme for people to buy and own Canada Goose jackets. Advertising a Canada Goose jacket line is almost nill, instead, once one person buys this globally popular brand jacket, it is by word of mouth from then on, with parts of speech like warmth, aesthetics, fashionable, and durability.

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