Surviving the Polar Vortex in Canada

Ever experienced the weather in Canada?

Canada is one of the most cold countries during winter and anyone visiting during such a season should pay earnest attention here. Like a military going on a rescue mission you should be well prepared to keep your body warm. This is not a matter of going for any option, but am going to provide you with the best option.

Among the many big box stores that offer jackets is the Canada Goose. This company gives you the confidence of spending your cash on their classy and relatively costly jackets without regrets. Canada goose jackets are simply hand made jackets that will surely give you the protection you deserve against the weather extremes.


About Canada Goose Jackets

Many people have commented on the quality of Canada goose jackets after trying one on and honestly there is nothing of great quality and comfort like these jackets. The first time I bought the Men’s Chilliwack Bomber brand during one of my winter vacations, believe me you I developed love for fur-woven jackets like never before. I know this may sound awful because a lot of people don’t like fur. We all understand that frostbites can be so disgusting. Therefore the only way Canada Goose could combat this was by using fur trim around the hoods of some jacket brands. This works to disorient the flow of air and create turbulent air which protects the face from frostbite. The jackets are worn all over the world and this is another reason why you should grab yours now. Most Hollywood celebs, research scientists, researchers and workers in remote, cold-weather regions use Canada Goose jackets.

What’s in store?

Canada goose jackets are found in different designs that favor both men, women and kids. Everyone has a design and style they prefer best including you. The men’s and women’s jackets are found in different brands ranging from those with hoods to the hood less. They include Hy-bridge lite jacket, Moncton jacket, Brace-bridge jacket, timber shell and coastal shell jackets, Trenton jacket among others. All these are built to withstand high temperatures. Their light weight is convenient for active pursuits within urban and/or rural areas. The shell brand is made in a way that it can thrive in unpredictable weather. Kids outfit also include summit jackets, Chilliwack Bomber and Mountaineer jackets which allows the kid have maximum fun as well as offer round-the-clock protection against sophisticated extreme weather. Interested already? Find an authorized Canada Goose retailer near you or simply shop online at


Worried about the cost?

Canada Goose jackets retail at different costs depending on the design and brand you prefer. The price range is between $600-$800 while the best selling for a particular period may go up to approximately $745. If you are really interested in something durable and warm grab this opportunity when stock lasts.



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