Form, Function and Fashion in One Garment

The main problem I personally have with warm winter jackets, is that they often make me feel unfeminine. This might just be me, being a bit vain, but to me it’s important to feel good about the way I look.
Another problem with keeping warm outdoors is the feeling that you can’t move your arms, feeling a bit like a scarecrow . This is a problem both men and woman face. Last winter, I went out and bought myself the Trillium Parka from Canada Goose. I fell in love with the luscious ruby color and when I put it on for the first time, I was nothing short of amazed.

This Canada Goose jacket fit me like a second skin. I could pull in the waist giving me form and femininity and the movement was fantastic. I had no problem giving my kids a bear hug after their first sled of the season. So of course my husband had to get himself one.
He had a tough time deciding between the rugged overstuffed Carson parka, and the stylish Chateau Parka, with enough timeless style to wear to his site visits at work. Besides the parka, he also came home with the freestyle vest. keeping your chest warm, while giving you the freedom to use your arms when aiming at a deer or casting a line in a lake.
Canada Goose jackets also have an extensive range of kid’s jackets. From buntings and snow suits to keep your tiny explorer warm, to jackets for teens that will keep them warm, while looking cool. Canada Goose Jackets are ideal for sledding with friends, or skiing with the family.

As with most things in life, you only discover the true value of something once you’ve been through a challenge with it. That was certainly the case with my Canada Goose Jacket. We got invited to spend the holidays up in the mountains with some friends, and the temperatures plummeted. My Canada Goose Jacket became my best friend in that time and despite the blistering winds and cold temperatures, my family was able to enjoy an adventurous holiday.
With Arctic tech technology, all Canada Goose Jackets are warm, dry quickly, resists wind and will keep you dry. It became evident that attention to detail is a given to each one of their superb garments. Canada Goose Jackets are designed to meet the needs of every adventure seeker.
When the spring came and I was putting away the family’s winter clothes, I discovered that our Canada Goose Jackets still looked brand new. After all the punishment we put them through, we can wear them with confidence come next winter. These garment really impressed me.
Whether you are looking for something lightweight and urban, something heavy duty for hunting or fishing, or something form fitting and fashionable for the winter, you will find it in one of their stores, or on their user friendly website. They offer free shipping and returns , which just adds to a wonderful Canada Goose experience.



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