The Canada Goose Parka Satisfaction Guarantee!

The Canada Goose Parka is an extremely warm, highly pocketed arctic style winter jacket for those people who need to get outdoors in extreme cold. This parka meets all winter wear requirements for a jacket (especially given the extreme winter experienced here in Canada). It is made of tough and durable materials that stand up to wear and tear; its warmth is effective even in 20-degree weather; it is available in colors that will not easily show dirt; it has luxurious authentic fur spruce for warmth around the face; and it has inner “straps” that make it easy to carry (especially when indoors). Canada GooseThe Canada Goose Parka is definitely value for money. It is hard to put a price on keeping warm. People who have lived in Canada (just about anywhere in Canada) appreciate that there are all sorts of cold! The worst kind of cold is the feeling of the wet wind-chill biting your bones. So while outside you need to have a Canada Goose Parka. Although the price tag may appear a bit high for a coat, here are some of the reasons why it is a worthwhile buy:
– They are very durable: It is a favorite among transit travelers who love the stitching and fabric. It is undoubtedly an investment which will last for years.
– They offer warmth without bulk.
– They are made of high quality materials: Canada Goose Parkas come with a detachable coyote fur-lined hood and are made with goose down sourced from Hutterite farmers in Canada.
– They come with a Lifetime Guarantee from reputable Canada Goose: “Warranted to the owner against defects in workmanship and material for the lifetime of the product.”
– They are very fashionable: The puffy parkas looks so stylish that even athletes and celebrities boast the brand.
– They are made in Canada: They are not cheap coats made by companies that often sacrifice quality to cut production costs.

Canada Goose
There is a reason why film crews, bouncers, scientists, adventurers, news anchors, and all those who spend a lot of time in the cold prefer the Canada Goose Parka! Therefore, if you are considering getting a coat to shield you from Canada’s unforgiving winters, the Canada Goose Parka is definitely the way to go. Here are some facts to consider if you are still unsure:
– Founded more than 50 years ago in Toronto, Canada Goose has maintained 100% of their production within Canada.
– The Canada Goose Parka is water resistant, hand stitched, and extremely durable.
– Canada Goose have developed an index (TEI) to assist you find the right jacket. It is a five point system that varies from extreme parkas (that will keep you warm in -30C temps) to lightweight parkas (good for temperatures ranging from -5C to 5C). It is also good to note that everybody experiences temperature differently. Therefore, Canada Goose Parkas are the best because they built to cater to various demographics.
Get one today, the Canada Goose Parka offers satisfaction guarantee!



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