Canada Goose Parkas For Extreme And Stylish Winter Wear

For those who live in extreme cold conditions or have to venture to such places for work, they have long sworn by the parka. It is a type of coat that comes with a hood but there are special linings inside to provide excellent insulation. A parka comes with a hood that is often lined with fur or faux fur. The hood is designed to protect the face from freezing wind and extreme temperature. Such a garment was originally invented by the Caribou lnuit. Initially it was made of seal skin or caribou which was found while kayaking or hunting in the Arctic region. Such anoraks are still available and need to be coated with fish oil to help preserve their water resistant properties. Before the two terms, parka and anorak were used interchangeably though today, they are considered to be different garments.

Canada Goose

About Canada Goose
Canada Goose is a brand that many rely upon when it comes to finding outerwear for extreme weather conditions. This clothing brand, based in Canada, has been around since 1957 and includes clothing lines for men, women and children. You will find all kinds of outer wear and winter wear when you shop at Canada Goose’s online or offline stores. From shells, jackets, bibs, pants, mittens, gloves, hats to coats, Canada Goose parka forms a dedicated clothing line in which you will find an extensive collection.
Expedition parkas
Among the different Canada Goose parka park styles available with this brand, the Expedition Parka stands out as the ultimate in extreme weather outer wear. This Canada Goose parka was originally designed for scientists who need to work in research facilities in and around the Antarctic region. Such parkas are durable and become lifetime investments for many. There are external and functional pockets hat help to store different gear and warm the hands.

Canada Goose
Parkas for the ladies
Among Canada Goose parka designs there are elements of style infused as well, keeping in mind the requirements of the ladies. The Montebello design is one such style which offers a slim fit design. There are Military style button detailing in front. This Canada Goose parka comes to hip length and can be combined with stylish pants and boots for the ultimate fashion statement in freezing winters. The Mystique Canada Goose parka is another indulgent style created for the fashionable ladies. For actresses who wish to don on a stylist parka that can be carried out for evening parties as well, this is the full length parka you will wish to invest in.

Canada Goose
Parkas for children
There are versatile style parkas in bright colors for the children as well. The Vernon Canada Goose parka style is one such style that will go well with young boys and their sense of style. This military inspired parka has reflective piping and reinforced elbow patches. There is a down filled hood which is adjustable. For small children, the Reese parka is one of the styles to choose from which will keep small and dainty girls warm and toasty as well as offer them a sense of style.



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